Germany’s first heat patch (since 1997)

Natural, skin-friendly
and long-lasting heat

Why this heat patch

The Pingutherm heat patches are not glued to the skin. This makes them ideal for health-conscious, skin-sensitive or allergy-affected people. Thus, skin irritation swells are simply impossible despite high and long-lasting heat generation. You can attach the heat patch anywhere on your body to your clothes and remove it without leaving after use. It wonderfully promotes blood circulation and is ideal for tension.

What distinguishes this heat patch

  • no direct skin contact
  • approx. 12 hours on average 53° heat
  • it is odourless
  • no delivery of irritants
  • Deep-acting, soothing warmth
  • for sticking on to body-related garments

How simple is the application

  • Simply tear open the packaging
  • Remove adhesive film
  • glue on body-close garment
  • Heat effect takes place after a few minutes

Physical well-being

This patch can help with tension in the neck or shoulders. Treat yourself to something good and increase your physical well-being.

Frozen while fishing?

People who have to spend time outside on cold days with little exercise can now breathe a sigh of relief. Just stick this heat patch on your back and feel soothing warmth all day long.

On holiday on cold days

White mountains, a mountain hut and a place in the sun – what more do you want? If only it wasn’t so cold there. Simply a Pingutherm heat patch on the back and the holiday is perfect.

Wonderful roads and a great motorcycle

Only the weather doesn’t play along and it gets colder and colder?
With our heat patch you can’t care, because you sit in the warm.

Never again

cold hours on the motorcycle

You can also ride a motorbike freezing. But why do you do that? It’s so easy to sit warm in the saddle despite the cold.

Boost your


Relaxing alongside work and doing something for your health – that’s what many people dream of. Our heat patch could help you with this.

Soothing warmth at the

Fishing on cold days

Outside in bad weather it can be beautiful. Only when you get cold, this usually tarnishes the good mood. You don’t have to go home with a heat patch.

Who already has this:

A personal heat dispenser

Sitting in the snow and enjoying the view is fantastic. This calmness, this beautiful atmosphere. If only there wasn’t the cold. But no problem, we have the solution: simply stick our heat patch on the undershirt, wait about 10 minutes and enjoy the warmth.